Walk amongst the silken seaweed forest,

Move like water,

Rising and falling

Like breath,
Prayers to the sunrise and the sunset

To the ocean

  • Detail shot by Rue Sakayama
  • Installation photo by Rue Sakayama

Consisting of naturally dyed silk panels, each one is a unique individual, yet together they form a cohesive whole that gently ebbs and flows.

The process to achieve this installation has been a remarkable feat. We foraged seaweed, on the spring equinox. We built devices to help us accelerate production, and still worked slowly with our hands, late into the night. We used computer modeling software to develop the spatial design, while simultaneously practicing ancient techniques of natural dyeing to generate the color scheme and motifs. All the colors you see are derived from a plant, algae, or mineral.

This exhibit marks the opening of a new journey of creation for me, one in which I synthesize my love of architecture with my passion for nature, and of course, textiles. It gives me great pleasure to invite people into a natural, sustainable, soft textile world, to witness how the wake of their movement causes the whole space to breath and sway, to float in color and the essence of the coast

See a video of the process HERE

See a video of the show opening HERE

You can own your very own wearable art piece from this gallery exhibit. Select pieces from the temple are available for sale in our online store, and 15% of the proceeds from certain pieces are being donated to Save the Bay