Intertidal Rising celebrates the richness and sacredness of the rocky seaweedy coastline that many take for granted.

It is a naturally dyed, eco- printed textile installation. The transition between the darker and lighter tones serves as a reference to the tidal range of the coastlines where the seaweed is foraged. Nested inside the installation, but not scene from any vantage point, is a spherical light source, (a round paper lantern), glowing softly, appearing like a sun balanced within the horizon between the ocean and sky. The silk panels are sensitive to the slightest movement of air, they dance peacefully like a kelp forest.

The seaweed-rich intertidal zone is formed by the dance between geological formations and the gravitational pull of celestial bodies, and it is critical for the sustenance of our oceans. Seaweed in an abundant resource in this habitat. While inconspicuous to most beach goers, it is quietly accomplishing a lot of services: removing harmful nitrogens and phosphates from the water and removing CO2 from the air, while supporting a breadth of marine life.