Will the color fade or wash away?

We have been studying and practicing with natural dyes for some time now and know how to get color that lasts. We run at-home tests for wash-fastness and uv exposure, and can promise that with proper care your purchase will bring you beauty for years to come. If you’re displeased with your naturally dyed item, send it back and we’ll rework it.

Let’s also acknowledge that all things in this world must transform -you, me, our environment, and our belongings. We tend to question the legitimacy of naturally dyed things much more than we question the toxicity of synthetically dyed ones. Let’s be mindful of the objects we love and develop a caring relationship with them that acknowledges the beautiful and important passage of time.

How do I care for my item?

• Store or display away from direct sun
• Do not spray with perfume
• Wash delicately in cool water with a pH neutral, biodegradable detergent
• Air dry flat away from direct sunlight
• Iron only when needed on a low setting

Are all your materials and ingredients local?

All of our dye materials are organically grown, delicately foraged, or sustainably sourced. We have been growing our own dyes on several farms throughout Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. Our indigo seeds are sourced from reputable, caring sources such as Botanical Colors, Blue Light Junction, and Rickett’s Indigo. Our plants are started indoors in our studio space at the Nicholson File.

Some of our dye ingredients, such as avocado pits and pomegranate peels are collected from kitchens and restaurants. We forage for our seaweed along our coastline, always collecting heaps of plastic trash as we go. All dye material is also composted after dyeing.

While we are currently developing our own woven fabric with fiber grown in New England, our silk fabrics are sourced through Dharma Trading co. For our woven pieces we source our wool from the Western Massachusetts Fibershed, and alpaca from the New England Alpaca Fiber Pool. while the linen warp is not form the United States.