Working with Our Hands

The connection between hand and thought is an important one that can activate various parts of the brain and even help cope with feelings of anxiety, a common feelings amongst kids growing up in the age of social media. 

We set aside time to draw and practice some hand stitching. Keke taught the girls embroidery techniques, and they embroidered their design of choice on their naturally dyed bandanas, further reinforcing their ability to create and personalize their own wearables.

Final Recital

Through a final dance recital on the farm our campers showcased the colors of their naturally dyed dance costumes and the pride and spirit of their Dance and Plants journey.

Finishing the program with a community event at the farm was truly magical, the girls were able to show their parents the grounds and our many experiments and projects, as well as their wonderful choreography. 

We were truly fortunate to have so much love and support from our community of makers, parents, volunteers, and friends to make this magical little evening come together

Behind the Scenes

We owe a major thank you to all the incredible people that made this program possible.

Clara Boberg - for their phenomenal job at helping to keep it all together

Eliza Squibb - for all the rides, the late night costume sewing, and the emotional reinforcement

The parents - for your trust

The girls - for being so strong, agile, and overall awesome

The teachers and volunteers - for your time and knowledge

The fantastic folks at RISCA who granted us the funds to run this pilot project

All the state reps who vote to support the arts

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