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Gentle Glow

Gentle Glow

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Indulge in the sheer elegance of our oversized, naturally dyed silk scarf, a versatile masterpiece that effortlessly transforms into a captivating shawl. An exquisite creation inspired by the fluid dance of seaweed, this ethereal piece, featured in the gallery art installation, "A Temple to the Ocean," elegantly captures the graceful movements of underwater flora.

Enveloped in a palette of subdued, moody tones, this scarf mirrors the delicate dance of light and shadow found within the intricate patterns of seaweed. The mesmerizing interplay of colors is heightened by enchanting moments of glow, delicately expressed through the seamless marriage of shibori and block resist techniques. Wearable art at its finest, this scarf is a testament to the delicate balance between subtlety and radiance, providing an ethereal touch to your every ensemble.

ingredients: seaweed, sumac, avocado, oak gal, iron, and a dash of cochineal

dimensions: 21in x 90in

material: habotai silk, 8mm

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