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Meet Me at Sunset

Meet Me at Sunset

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Wrap yourself in the ethereal beauty of a sunset with this exquisite silk scarf, delicately dyed and adorned with the intricate imprints of seaweed. Its luxurious fabric boasts a beautiful gradient, transitioning seamlessly from the warm pinks and peaches to the radiant golden hues, evoking the fleeting beauty of dusk. Embrace the harmony of earth's elements while adorning yourself in timeless elegance with this eco-printed silk scarf, a true testament to the artistry of mindful design.

ingredients: seaweed, sumac, avocado, oak gal, a dash of cochineal, onion skins, and marigold flowers

ingredients: seaweed, sumac, avocado, oak gal, onion skins, marigold flowers

dimensions: 14in x 70in

material: Machine hemmed silk charmuese 19.5mm
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